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2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent

Homestead for Sale: Welcome

$1700/month utilities included

Available February 17th, 2023 this is a furnished, month-to-month, two-bedroom, one-bath, 1125 sf top-floor apartment in a quiet location with stunning views of the Worcester Range. Located on a well-maintained dirt road, 5 min drive to Worcester Village, 20 minutes to Montpelier, and 50 minutes to Burlington. Renovated with beautiful hardwood floors and lots of light. Hiking and skiing out the back door, chickens to hang out with, access to a woodshop, and laundry facilities. Rent is $1700 per month utilities included.

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Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room

kitchen 1.jpeg
dining room 2.jpeg
entry 1.jpeg
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Bedrooms and Bathroom

back room 2.jpeg
front room 1.jpeg
bath 2.jpeg
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Photos of the grounds

Homestead for Sale: Portfolio

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Worcester, VT 05682, USA

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