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Welcome to Dancing Catamount Cohousing Homestead

Home. Food. Community.

Our mission is to collectively cultivate ourselves,

the land we are privileged to live on,

the essentials of food, medicine, and energy,

and a model of collective homesteading that can practically inspire others to transform their lives into meaningful connection and service.

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Our Story

How We Got Here

Dancing Catamount began informally in 2013 when the Little Green Family, consisting of Cecile, Daniel and Khalila, bought the property from its original owners. After a winter of hard work on the dwellings, we broke ground on the collective food growing operations in 2014. With one other steadmate, Ben, the next several years saw us slowly expanding to a total of our current 14,000 sf of growing space which approximately covers 80% of all of our produce needs for the year.

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The Future We See

A world of interdependent small homesteading communities that enables loving care for each other and our beautiful earth.

At Dancing Catamount Cohousing Homestead, we understand the importance of growing one's own food for the sake of our climate, our own health, and the benefits of food sovereignty. 

We also know that growing food collectively makes for more fun and ease. Being able to get away for a week or a weekend in the middle of the growing season no longer is impossible. The cost of infrastructure and equipment can be borne by many. And the relationships we build through shared work done well are deep nourishment.

We're modeling what's possible when we grow collectively, and making the path easier for others who see the investment in their community's ability to grow food and care for each other as one of the most important investments of our time. 

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Our Values

kindness, empathy, and solidarity

democracy, equality, and fairness

health, grit, and accountability

beauty, goodness, and truth

joy, art, and expression of the human potential

We are committed to undoing racism and oppression in ourselves through our own personal development and in our community through the ways in which we share power and welcome differences. 

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