We are a limited equity cooperative with the mission of providing its Members with affordable housing and community facilities, cultivating community resilience, and collectively producing organic food and herbs for our own consumption.


Trial Membership

Come check us out!

Our membership process begins with an application and interview, followed by an invitation to rent one of the available spaces on a month-to-month basis. We're excited to get to know you and support you in getting to know us, the land, and this special part of Vermont.

During the trial membership, you'll participate in the processes of being at Dancing Catamount from our collaborative meeting space, to growing food and maintaining the land, to our community meals and work parties. The time commitment averages out to one to two hours a day so you'll have plenty of time for work and play. 

Throughout your trial membership we'll have plenty of time to go over the details of joining as a full member including housing options. ​


Full Membership

Buying into the Coop

Our full members have the opportunity to build a small home or tiny house on the land. We have four beautiful acres of land located on a gently sloping hill facing the Worcester Range and the opportunity to purchase more adjacent land. The views are outstanding and the soil is arable!

Full membership is conferred through a proprietary lease which lasts indefinitely unless transferred and are eligible to participate on the Board of Directors, make decisions on who else joins the coop, and many other decisions regarding how the coop operates. 


Friends of Dancing Catamount

Ad hoc participation 

Many people have fallen in love with Dancing Catamount and want to stay connected with this place and its people through coming to our occasional work parties like our annual cider pressing extravaganza! We welcome one and all who feel that special bond with what we are up to on this amazing piece of land. 

There is no cost to participating as a Friend and you get to receive food, herbs and flower when we have extra, which we often do:) 

To become a Friend simply join our newsletter list. We'll keep you posted on opportunities to join in the community fun.